Tips For Improved Baking In An Electric Oven


Electric ovens typically provide steady heat, which is ideal for baking. These appliances usually have a large coil at the bottom of the oven compartment that radiates heat upwards into the oven compartment, helping provide even heat and a dry environment that can make your cakes and cookies crisp up and turn into an appetizing golden-brown.

Electric ovens usually overcome most of the problems you may encounter with a gas oven, such as incidence of undersides burning or having too much heat in the oven compartment. However, there are still a few tricks you could learn to help you get the most of your electric oven while baking.

Preheat for longer

Unlike gas ovens that heat up almost instantly, electric ovens take relatively longer to achieve the ideal temperatures for baking. This is due to the unique electric coil that is designed to heat up gradually, providing even heat with fewer spikes of temperature. The coil in an electric oven also produces less intense heat when you turn it fully on so as to prevent your foods from burning.

For more effective heating, you need to pre-heat your oven for a few minutes. An oven thermometer can help you measure when the temperature in the baking compartment rises high enough for fine baking.

Bake in the middle of the oven and tent with foil

Baking in the middle of the oven helps provide the best all-around heating for your pies and pastries. This section of an electric oven is also less prone to hot spots that could prevent your food from cooking at a steady rate.

To avoid over-browning, you should loosely wrap some foil over the top of your baking. This allows ample heat and air to flow into the food while protecting the crust and top from intense heat that could result in burning. Alternatively, if you notice your food darkening at the tips and edges, simply fold some foil around the edges of the pan to protect your baking from burning.

Use the right bakeware

In order to get the best out of your electric oven, you need to use the right bakeware depending on the result you want. The heat from your oven will often be steady, so using dark metal pans that absorb more heat should ensure more browning on the sides and edges of your baking, such as on cookies and pastries. Silicone or glass bakeware can be used when less browning is required, as is often the case while making cupcakes.

If your electric oven isn't providing steady and dependable heat for baking, you should consider having an electrician examine the electric coil and baking compartment for any irregularities.

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29 February 2016

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